Why Federer Vs Nadal 2017 US Open Semi is HUGE

Federer Vs Nadal 2017 Part Four: On Track

Federer Vs Nadal 2017 Part Four: On Track

We’ve already had three meetings between the pair this year. After the excitement of that marathon Australian Open final, however, it’s been a bit one sided. In both Indian Wells and Miami, Federer came through in straight sets against the man who had had his number for so long. So why, with this latest incarnation of the great tennis rivalry being so one-sided, could this potential semi-final be so significant?

Of course, before we talk about that semifinal matchup, we need to acknowledge the work still to be done to make it happen. Federer still has to get by Philipp Kolshreiber in the next round. And if he succeeds, either Dominic Thiem or Juan Martin del Potro could be waiting. Not an easy task for a Federer who’s looked a little off his best so far. Nadal arguably has an easier task—Dolgopolov first and then the winner of Goffin Vs Rublev—but it’s not a guarantee by any stretch. Still, judging by 2017 so far, I’d expect the Federer Vs Nadal 2017 US Open semi to happen.

So with that being said, why do I think it’s more significant than the other meetings between the pair this year?

Federer Vs Nadal 2017 — Round Four

We already know the top two spots in the world will be occupied by Federer and Nadal once more. Andy Murray’s injury withdrawal from the US Open meant that Federer was guaranteed to overtake him regardless of what result he got. And nobody else is close enough to overtake them. What we don’t know, is who will be world number one.Federer didn’t play the US Open last year, so his progress so far has seen him close the gap on Nadal to a little over 300 points.

Federer didn’t play the US Open last year. This means his progress so far has seen him close the gap on Nadal to a little over 300 points. Given that players get an extra 480 points for making the final, that means this semi-final is essentially a battle for number one.

Moreover, with Federer having no points to defend for the rest of the season, and Nadal having quite a low number of points to defend, we could be looking at a straight race to the year end ranking. No “Well Federer won Shanghai so Nadal could overtake if…” Just a simple whoever wins the most points is king.


Okay so maybe Federer and Nadal don’t see it that way. They constantly reiterate that they look at the tournaments, not the rankings. Although I have to believe Federer wants another spell in the top spot. But from our point of view we could be looking at a riveting battle for the number one spot. One that even tops last years ATP World Tour Final death match between Murray and Djokovic.

Personally, I’m torn. On the one hand, I would like to see Federer grab that number one spot again. He’s rewriting the book on ageing in tennis, but it’s not unreasonable to think that time will be catching up sooner or later. Another Federer win, however, will make it difficult to call Federer Vs Nadal 2017 edition an actual rivalry. Ultimately, however, I want Nadal to win this match.

While both players ended their 2016 season early, Federer ended his sooner. This means he’s got a points advantage on Nadal in that every point he wins goes on the board. Nadal may not have thousands of points to defend after the US Open, but he does have some. If Nadal comes out of the US with a lead on Federer, the battle for number one could be close. If Federer comes out with that headstart, however, Nadal will have a mammoth task catching up.

But what do you think? Will we get our Federer Vs Nadal 2017 US Open semi? Who will win if we do? Do you care?

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