US Open 2017 Final Reaction

Nadal Triumphs in the US Open 2017 final.

Nadal Triumphs in the US Open 2017 final. (Credit: Yahoo Sport)

So we never got that dream Nadal Vs Federer semi final I had hoped for. In a tense battle that saw the 2009 US Open finalists tee off, Juan Martin del Potro ousted the Swiss. In the end, the result many expected was unchanged. The winner of the 2017 US Open always felt like it would be either Federer or Nadal.

And in the end, it was was pretty straightforward.

Nadal Vs Anderson

Nadal saw off Federer’s conqueror in four sets, and that, it seems, was a sterner challenge than he would face in the final. It almost seems unfair to pit any of the tour against Nadal (or Federer) this year, but that was Kevin Anderson’s reward for a great 2017 US Open run. And Nadal made him pay for it.

Nadal took Anderson down in straight sets, 6—3, 6—3, 6—4. Early on it looked as though Anderson’s huge serve might give the South African a way to take Nadal out, but the Spaniard quickly got a grip of things. Indeed, Nadal seemed comfortable stood very deep as Anderson fired rockets at him from the other side of the court. Anderson’s biggest weapon soon began to misfire, and double faults put pressure on him, eventually handing Nadal a break.

From the the first break on, it never really looked like Anderson had a chance.

The victory sees Nadal move to sixteen Grand Slam titles, three behind Federer’s record-setting nineteen. It also sees him move to nearly 2,000 points clear in the top ranking spot. The second spot, by the way, is now occupied by Federer. I don’t think anybody can argue that these two players deserve to occupy those spots right now.


This victory means that The Big Four have taken all of the calendar Grand Slams in eight out of the last fourteen years. Or, more impressively, forty five of the last fifty. There will always be arguments over whether the Big Four should be a four. Perhaps you think it’s a Big Five, or Three.

One thing seems pretty clear, however. While Djokovic may have had some of the most dominant spells in men’s tennis, and while Murray’s consistency has been nothing short of superhuman, history (as it stands) will show Federer and Nadal as being the most dominant players of this era.

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