The Australian Open Series

The Australian Open Series covers five tournaments in the lead up to the Australian Open Grand Slam.

The Australian Open Series covers five tournaments in the lead up to the Australian Open Grand Slam.

The Australian Open Series is a collection of tournaments held in January prior to the start of the Australian Open. There are currently five tournaments in this series. The tournament’s offer player’s options in their preparation for the Australian Open. The geographical remoteness of the Grand Slam event makes it tricky to prepare. Meanwhile the unique conditions of Australia make such preparation essential. The tournaments which make up the Australian Open Series are designated as such by Tennis Australia.

Here’s a rundown of the tournaments involved, as well as some related links for your clicking finger.

The Australian Open Series’ Tournaments

Hopman Cup

The Hopman Cup is a mixed-gender team event that is not part of the ATP ranking system. Teams in the Hopman Cup each represent their nations. Each “match” consisting of a men’s singles, women’s singles, and mixed doubles contest.

The event is named after Harry Hopman, a successful doubles player in his own right. He is more known for his Davis Cup triumphs, however, which he won a record sixteen times in various roles.

The Hopman Cup takes place in Perth at the Perth Arena, and is technically considered an exhibition event.

Brisbane International

The Brisbane International is an ATP 250 series event that takes place on outdoor hard courts. The tournament is held at Queensland Tennis Centre. At one point in its nearly 50 year history, the Brisbane Open was known as the South Australian Open. This title that lasted for over ten years, however the name was eventually dropped.

The Brisbane International hosts both men’s and women’s singles and doubles competition. Until recently (2008) it was actually hosted in Adelaide. The event only became the Brisbane International when it moved there in 2009.

Hobart International

The Hobart International is a women’s only tournament. As such, it is a little out of the scope of this blog. It’s been going since 1994, and is an outdoor hard court event that takes place at the Hobart International Tennis Centre

Sydney International

Once known as the New South Wales Open, the Sydney International first took place in 1885. As such, it is one of the oldest tennis tournaments in the world. It is an ATP World Tour 250 series event which is played on the outdoor hard courts. The venue is the Sydney International Tennis Centre, which was constructed for the 2000 Olympic Games.

The Sydney International hosts both men’s and women’s singles competition, however it does not host doubles competition.

World Tennis Challenge

The World Tennis Challenge is another exhibition event which was held annually since 2009. The event has not taken place since 2012, however it has not officially been disbanded. Therefore it remains part of the Australian Open Series. It takes place over three days, and pits teams who represent their respective nations against each other. Each team is made up of a ‘legend’ and an active player. Firstly the active player plays a best of three match with a tiebreak final set. Meanwhile, the legends compete in a pro set. If the score is 1—1 after these matches, a single set of doubles is played to decide the tie.

The format pits four teams against each other in a round robin series of matches.

That’s all the tournaments that currently make up the Australian Open Series. It’s not all of the tournaments in the region, however. Check out our Bumper Page of Men’s Tennis Tournaments for more.

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