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Welcome to our Sydney International facts and trivia page. Here you will find as many interesting titbits about the the Sydney International (presently the Apia International Sydney due to sponsorship) as we can find. So, without further preamble, let’s get into some tennis facts.

Sydney International Facts

It’s Been A While…

The Sydney International was founded in 1885, it is one of the oldest tennis tournaments in the world. Initially the tournament was intended as a means of finding the best players for the Australasia Davis Cup team. As a result, it was held sporadically through the early 20th century.

Full Time

Despite the early start, it was 1935 before the tournament started to be played as a permanent, regular affair.


Back in 1885 the tournament took place at Moore Park, part of the Sydney Cricket Ground. In 1908, however, it moved to Double Bay. Another move took place in 1922 when the tournament moved to the White City complex, where it would see out the rest of the century. Finally, in 2000, the tournament moved to the newly constructed Sydney International Tennis Centre.

The centre court at the Sydney International Tennis Centre is called the Ken Rosewall Arena. It holds 10,000 people in all.

Sydney International Tennis Centre

The current home of the tournament houses fifteen outdoor courts—including two show courts and six practice courts—as well as the Ken Rosewall Arena. It was constructed to host the tennis events of the 2000 Olympic Games.


The Sydney International has been part of the GP Championship Series, the Grand Prix Tour, the ATP International Series, and finally the ATP World Tour 250 series. It is currently worth 250 ranking points to the winner, and has $452,670 in prize money on offer.


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