Rio Open Facts and Trivia

Rio Open Facts and Trivia.

Rio Open Facts and Trivia.

Presently know as the Rio Open Presented By Claro due to sponsorship, the Rio Open is the second ATP World Tour 500 series event of the year. It takes place in late February on outdoor clay courts.

But let’s not blow our wad early. So, here is your Rio Open facts and trivia.

Rio Open Facts

New Fish!

The Rio Open is very new, having being founded in 2014. It is considered the most significant annual sporting event in the city of Rio, and was the only combined men’s and women’s event at this level in South America.

Men Only

You may have noticed the “was” in that last sentence. That’s because, as of 2017, the Rio Open only hosts men’s competition. This decision was made as part of a desire to grow the tournament. Presumably the organisers feel they can do a better job if they focus on one thing.

As the writer of a “men’s singles tennis blog”, I can hardly judge.

Prize Money

Being an ATP 500 event, the total prize money on offer is a substantial $1,461,560.


The Rio Open is held at the Jockey Club Brasileiro, a venue better known for horse racing. Nevertheless, there are eight clay courts on offer, including a 6,200 seater stadium.

Past Winners

With the tournament being only a few years old, there isn’t a lot to be said about the past winners of the tournament. One piece of trivia we can squeeze from this area, however, is regarding the nationalities. Spanish players (Rafael Nadal and David Ferrer, to be specific), have won two of the three tournaments that have taken place so far.

Rio Tennis

While the Rio Open may be the only tennis tournament in Rio at present, there have been others. Though not related to the Rio Open, the Rio de Janiro Open was part of the Grand Prix tennis circuit, and was held briefly between 1989 and 1990.


That’s your lot for now. As with all our facts and trivia pages, however, we will update this one as new Rio Open facts come to light. If you have anything to add, leave a comment below!

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