Resources Sites and Services That Keep Ad Court Ramble Rambling

There are a number of sites and services that I find extremely useful when trawling for tennis news, or just running this site, and I thought it only fair that I share those resources with you, both for your benefit and the benefit of the sites listed.

In the interests of full disclosure, some of the links on this page are affiliate links. I’m not looking to get rich from this blog but any money I can make to pay the hosting bills is appreciated. I will never give false testimony to get you to click an affiliate link.


The official ATP Rankings is the obvious place to start for ranking information. There are two flavours here; the straight singles ranking, and the Race to London rankings. The singles rankings, as the name suggests, is just the ranking as it looks without any adjustments. The Race to London rankings show only the points for the year so far, and only those points that count towards the year end ranking. For example, there are nine Masters tournaments in the year but only eight of them count towards a players ranking.

The other site I like to use is the Live Rankings service at This site gives real time ranking updates as tournaments are happening, so you can see how the rankings table is shifting during a tournament without having to break out a calculator.

Tennis News

These are sites I check for the latest tennis news. They tend to be big media companies that can afford to have people “on the scene”, and so on.

Tennis Blogs

These are sites I go to get other people’s opinions on the goings on in the tennis world. Occasionally breaking news might come from one of these blogs, but really it’s about the perspective they offer. You’ll often find me in the comments section of these blogs as well.

Other Stuff

These are just some other services I use to keep the site running. They don’t really have anything to do with tennis but they are essential to me. If you think you might benefit from any of these services, help Ad Court Ramble out by signing up through the links below. It doesn’t cost you any extra, but we’ll make a bit money from it.