Open Sud de France Facts and Trivia

Open Sud de France Facts and Trivia

Open Sud de France Facts and Trivia

Taking place at the start of February, the Open Sud de France is an ATP World Tour 250 series men’s singles and doubles tennis event. Let’s get into some Open Sud de France facts and trivia!

Open Sud de France Facts

It Started…

…in 1987. The tournament first kicked off as part of the tennis Grand Prix circuit under the title of the Grand Prix de Tennis de Lyon. Various name and organisational changes occurred over the next few decades until joining the ATP World Tour 250 series in 2009.


The Palais des Sports de Gertland in Lyon has hosted the Open Sud de France for most of its run. This changed in 2009 when the tournament moved to the ARENA in Montpellier. The ARENA is an indoor sporting venue with a capacity of 7,500 for tennis events.

The tournament itself is an indoor hard court event.

Prize Money

The total prize money on offer for the Open Sud de France is €463,520.

The Lost Year

The Open Sud de France had typically taken place later in the year. In 2012 the tournament moved to January, a decision that meant that there was no tournament in 2011. It would have meant the 2011 and 2012 tournaments were only months apart!

Most Titles

Richard Gasquet currently holds the record for most singles titles at the Open Sud de France. He has an impressive four to his name. Tennis legend, Pete Sampras, is just behind Gasquet with three titles.

French Success

It should be expected due to the event being a French tournament, but French players have had a particularly good run here recently. This illustrated by the fact that, of the ten tournaments between 2006 and 2016, seven of them were won by French players. What’s more, eight of those ten tournaments had French runners up.


That’s all the Open Sud de France facts and trivia we have for now. If you have something to add (or take away) leave a comment below. We will continue to update this page.

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