Moo’s Tennis Blog

Moo's Tennis Blog is your season-long companion for women's tennis.

Moo’s Tennis Blog is your season-long companion for women’s tennis.

This is just a little post to highlight one of my favourite tennis blogs out there at the moment; Moo’s Tennis Blog. This blog is written by a friendly guy by the name of James Peeling, and has been my number one source for WTA musings for a number of years. As you may have guessed from the fact that Ad Court Ramble focuses solely on men’s singles tennis, my main interest is with that part of the game. But that doesn’t mean I have no interest in seeing the fairer sex on court.

Moo’s Tennis Blog focuses on that very thing.

What to Expect from Moo’s Tennis Blog

The blog has been going since 2010. The fact that it is still going after all this time is an achievement in and of itself. I can’t tell you how many new tennis blogs I’ve started reading, only to see them just cease to be updated without a word.

Hopefully Ad Court Ramble won’t be another one of those.

James also uses his platform to showcase tennis photography—both his own and those who submit their work to him. It’s also a good place to get predictions on on how the WTA will turn out. That being said, James will be the first to admit he’s no clairvoyant when it comes to guessing who will win what.

James has also been kind enough to allow me to write for the blog. Obviously, with Ad Court Ramble focusing entirely on men’s tennis, there isn’t a lot of opportunity for me to write about the women’s side of the game. You can check out my post on Moo’s Tennis Blog here;

Go. Read.

So there you have it. An Ad Court Ramble endorsed blog for all your women’s tennis needs. Go, read, comment. Show James some love. He’s been doing a great job for a long time and deserves all the readers he gets.

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  1. James says:

    Thanks for the kind words, John. Sorry I only just saw this post but much appreciated! Hope you’re having fun with your own blog.

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