The Men’s Tennis Coaching Carousel Continues

Carlos Moya joining Rafael Nadal's coaching team is one of the latest moves in the 2016 men's tennis coaching carousel.

Carlos Moya joining Rafael Nadal’s coaching team is one of the latest moves in the 2016 men’s tennis coaching carousel.

First Djokovic split with Becker after perfectly successful run. Then Raonic split with Moya after the best period of the Canadian’s career. Over the last few days we’ve heard that Carlos Moya has joined Nadal’s coaching team. That may shed a little light on why Moya’s run with Milos Raonic came to and end. Just a few scant days later it emerged that Milos himself has found a new coach. This came in the shape of former Wimbledon champion, Richard Krajicek. Welcome to the men’s tennis coaching carousel.

In the case of Carlos Moya, there may have been more of a lure than simply being the coach of the King of Clay. It seems Moya will also be working at the Rafa Nadal Academy, a tennis academy for under-privileged children. Whether Moya is looking for such an opportunity, or whether it was just part of the deal is unclear. One thing is for sure, Nadal clearly isn’t ready to throw in the towel just yet.

And that is great for tennis.

Grass Intentions

Raonic’s appointment of Richard Krajicek may be a signal of intent by the Canadian. That intent is grass. Grass courts are already kind to big servers like Raonic. The Canadian’s back-to-back Queens and Wimbledon finals show that he can capitalise on that advantage. Had he come up against anybody other than Andy Murray in those finals, Raonic may well have had an ATP 500 and a Grand Slam to his name for 2016.

Hiring Krajicek, a former champion at the All England Club, may be a sign that the Canadian is looking to dominate on the green. Whether he can do that remains to be seen, however. With Federer back in 2017, and potentially Djokovic returning from his slump, next year’s brief grass court season could be a lot tougher.

It will be interesting to see if there are any more big names hopping on and off the men’s coaching carousel. Djokovic has yet to appoint a coach, Becker has yet be appointed. Will there be any more high profile moves? Let me know what you think in the comments below.

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