Memphis Open Facts and Trivia

Memphis Open facts and trivia. (photo by Sgtennis)

Memphis Open facts and trivia. (photo by Sgtennis)

The Memphis Open is a hard court tournament based in—you guessed it—Memphis, Tennessee. This hard indoor hard court event happens in the middle of February. It’s had a complex history in a relatively short period of time, but let’s get into some Memphis Open facts and you can see for yourself.

Memphis Open Facts

Where it all Began

The Memphis Open can trace its origins back to 1975, where it held a joint men’s and women’s event until 2014. After that it became a men’s only event.


This is where it gets a little tricky. The original tournament was part of the World Championship Tennis circuit. In 2001 the Racquet Club of Memphis—where the tournament is hosted—bought the rights to the Women’s Tennis Association event in Oklahoma, and moved the event to Memphis. This was followed in 2008 with a status update (not the Facebook kind) bringing the tournament up to ATP 500 level. However, that was followed in 2014 by the whole event moving to Rio, taking it’s ATP 500 status with it.

Still with me?

In an effort to keep tennis in Memphis, the organisers then purchased the San Jose ATP 250 event, which is where we’re at now in terms of tournament classification. A little more buying and selling of tournaments has taken place, but the Memphis Open has remained an ATP 250 event since 2014.

Top Brass

Despite never being a higher tier event, the Memphis Open has had many year-end number one players take the title their. Nine in total, including the likes of Pete Sampras, Jimmy Connors, Bjorn Borg, and John McEnroe.

Most Titles

The current record for most Memphis Open titles is four. This record is jointly held by the aforementioned Connors, and Kei Nishikori. The latter also holds the record for most consecutive titles, winning all four of his in a row. Not to be completely outshone, Connors also holds the record for most finals, reaching two additional finals on top of the four he won.


The Memphis Open spent the better part of a decade playing on carpet courts. The switch to hard courts was made some time in the 1980s, however.

Memphis Open Prize Money

The total prize money on offer in Memphis is $693,425 American.

Unique Setting

Presently, the Memphis Open is the only ATP event in America to take place on indoor hard courts.


We’re all out of Memphis Open facts for now, but fear not, we will keep this page updated. Feel free to drop a comment below with any new facts or corrections.


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