Hopman Cup Facts and Trivia

Hopman Cup Facts and Trivia

Hopman Cup Facts and Trivia

The Hopman Cup is an annual international tournament contested by eight mixed-gender teams. The competition is technically between nations, with players representing their country rather than playing for themselves. The players are invited to compete at the tournament, and are assigned one of two groups, with the winners of each group facing off in the final.

It’s a bit of an oddball on the tour, but it’s a prestigious competition that regularly sees the top players in the world competing. Let’s look at some facts and trivia.

Hopman Cup Facts

The Name

It would be silly not to start off our Hopman Cup facts with the man it’s named for. The tournament is in honour Harry Hopman. Harry was a tennis player with an impressive career under his belt (more so in doubles than singles), but it was in the Davis Cup that he cemented his legacy. As captain-coach of the Australian team, Hopman won the Davis Cup a record sixteen times.

For the Honour

There is no practical significance attached to the tournament; no ranking points, no impact on the Davis Cup. Players compete for the title alone. This hasn’t stopped the tournament from regularly attracting big names.

The Format

Each match up consists of a women’s singles match, a men’s singles match, and a mixed doubles match, with the winner being the first team to reach two wins.

US Success

The United States has had more success than most at the Hopman Cup. Players from the US have taken the a record six times, and were runners up a further five times. For comparison, Spain are in second place on this list with four titles and two runner up spots.

Early Adopters

The Hopman Cup was ahead of the game when it came to technology. During the 2005/06 tournament, they became the first elite level tournament allow players to challenge a line call using Hawk-Eye technology to review the point.


The trophies awarded at the 2014 and 2015 were valued $26,000, and made use of half an ounce of pink diamond.

Down with the Sickness

In 2002, Australia had to pull out of the tournament after Lleyton Hewitt came down with a case of the chicken pox. The rules at the time did not allow for player substitutions, so Australia had to withdraw completely.

Australian Attendance

Perhaps not surprising given where the tournament is hosted, Australia appeared in every Hopman Cup since its inaugural 1989 tournament. Despite this, they’ve only won the competition twice.

New Home

From the first Hopman Cup in 1989 the competition was held at the Burswood Dome, but it moved the Perth Arena in 2012. The original home of the Cup is now a car park!

Can’t Win Everything

Despite the competitors often being the top players in the world, many countries have yet to win a Hopman Cup. These countries include Novak Djokovic’s Serbia, Andy Murray’s Great Britain, and Juan Martín del Potro’s Argentina.

Germany Double

Germany was the first nation to win the Hopman Cup twice when they followed up their 1993 title with another victory in 1995. Switzerland followed suit with a second title in 2001, and the US soon added their name to this list with their own second in 2003.


That’s all for now, but this post will continue to be updated as new facts, updates, or corrections are found. If you know of some more facts to add, or you’ve spotted something that’s wrong, leave a comment below.

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