Dubai Tennis Championships Facts and Trivia

Dubai Tennis Championships Facts and Trivia

Dubai Tennis Championships Facts and Trivia

Presently known as the Dubai Duty Free Tennis Championships due to sponsorship, the Dubai Tennis Championships is an ATP World Tour 500 series event. Here are some Dubai Tennis Championships facts and trivia.

Dubai Tennis Championships Facts


The tournament was first held in 1993. There was tennis in Dubai before this, however. An annual Dubai Tennis Championship was held in the British Embassy before the 1990s. Initially the tournament had no stadium. Spectators took their seats on temporary scaffolding.


Despite not having a venue to start with, the tournament did find a home. It currently resides at the Aviation Club Tennis Centre.


In 2009, Shahar Pe’er of Israel was denied a visa to the United Arab Emirates due to tensions with her home nation. Pe’er had already faced protests in a previous tournament due to the Israel-Gaza conflict, and it was thought her presence in Dubai might incite violence.

In response, a number of players condemned the decision, some going so far as to pull out of the tournament, and the tournament itself was fined. They made amends by guaranteeing Pe’er entry the following year, as well as paying her $44,250.


The record for most titles at the Dubai Tennis Championships is seven, held by Roger Federer. Impressive. The record for most finals at the Dubai Tennis Championships is nine, held by Roger Federer. I see a pattern here. The record for most consecutive titles at the Dubai Tennis Champions is three, held by… Novak Djokovic!

…and Roger Federer.

The Swiss legend has had a good time of it in Dubai.


In addition to regularly landing some of the game’s top names in the competition, the Dubai Tennis Championships have also staged a number of showpieces. One such event was a practice session between Andre Agassi and Roger Federer… on a helipad on top of the Burj Al Arab Jumeirah.


Those are all your Dubai Tennis Championship facts for now. We’ll keep this page updated with new facts, so if you know anything we’ve missed, drop a comment below!

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