Brisbane International Facts and Trivia

Brisbane International Facts and Trivia

Brisbane International Facts and Trivia — Queensland Tennis Centre where the event is staged.

The Brisbane International is an outdoor tournament in the ATP World Tour 250 Series. It is one of five tournaments that kick off the tennis season more or less at the same time. This makes it an important event for those who enter; a good performance at Brisbane gets their season off on the right foot. Let’s get into some Brisbane International facts and trivia.

Brisbane International Facts

The 70s

The tournament kicked off in 1972 when the Grand Prix Tennis Circuit decided it wanted to get tennis into Queensland. The reason was a desire to have a Southwest Pacific “Season”. That basically means they wanted a boat load of tournaments in Australia leading up to the Australian Open.


It wasn’t all smooth sailing for the fledgling Brisbane International, however. The event suffered from sporadic hosting during the 70s, only becoming a regular annual event in 1981.

Grand (Slam) Ambition

The Brisbane International has gone through a number of name changes before settling on it’s current title. The most ambitious of these names was the South Australian Open, which it became in 1979. It remained as such until 1990 when it became the Australian Men’s Hardcourt Championships.

Following the Trend

Then the South Australian Open— the event was initially a grass court tournament. In 1988 when the Australian Open switched to hard courts, so too did this event.

Change of Scenery

Brisbane International has actually spent most of its life in Adelaide. From its 1972 inaugral year right through to 2008, in fact. It moved to Brisbane in 2009 and is currently held at the Queensland Tennis Centre.

The Brisbane International

The first Brisbane International as we recognise it today took place in 2009. The decision was made to merge the previous men’s tournament—then called the Next Generation Adelaide International—and the Mondial Australian Women’s Hardcourt’s into one larger event. This became the Brisbane International.

Most Titles

The record for most Brisbane International titles is currently held by Australian Lleyton Hewitt. Hewitt picked up three titles in all. Mike Bauer, Mark Woodforde, and Andy Murray co-hold the record for most consecutive titles with two each.


That’s all your facts for now. If you have any more facts, or you’ve spotted some inaccuracies, feel free to drop a comment below.

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