Auckland Open Facts and Trivia

Auckland Open Facts and Trivia — The event takes place at the ASB Tennis Centre.

Auckland Open Facts and Trivia — The event takes place at the ASB Tennis Centre.

Presently known as the ASB Classic due to sponsorship, the Auckland Open is another year-opening ATP 250 tournament. It is an outdoor event that takes place in New Zealand and serves as a handy local(ish) warm up for the Australian Open. Allow me to present to you our Auckland Open facts and trivia page.

Auckland Open Facts

Origin Story

The tournament was founded in 1956, however its origins can be traced all the way back to the 1920s. Auckland Tennis set up shop and proceeded to host a number of local tennis matches for the next thirty years. In ’56 they staged their first international tournament and never looked back.


The original name for the tournament was the Auckland Championship. It has also been known as the Heineken Open, however tightening regulations regarding alcohol sponsorship put a stop to that.

Break Ups

Initially a joint men’s and women’s tournament, the event split in 1981. This continued to be the case for the next 34 years when, finally, they got back together in 2016.

Home Ground

The ASB Tennis Centre where the tournament is held is regularly home to New Zealand Davis Cup ties. It has a number of indoor and outdoor courts using various surfaces, including seven outdoor Rebound Ace courts. The Auckland Open is an outdoor tournament, so these are the only courts we’re really interested in.

Prize Money

The Auckland Open has a total of $463,520 up for grabs.

Most Titles

The record for most titles at the Auckland Open is currently held by two players. Both Roy Emerson and David Ferrer have four titles each. Emerson can add most finals to his rap sheet, however, having been in a further two that he didn’t win. Second on the list for most titles is Onny Parun with three.


We’ve reached the end of our Auckland Open facts for now but this page is far from done. As new facts emerge, old ones become out of date, or someone notices that I misspelled “Auckland” for the fifteenth time, we’ll update this page. If you have a fact to add or an error to point out, please do so in the comments below.

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