Andy Murray Will Play Queens for Rest of Career

Andy Murray will play Queens for the rest of his career. (photo: ATP)

Andy Murray will play Queens for the rest of his career. (photo: ATP)

Andy Murray has committed to playing at the Aegon Championships at The Queens Club for the the rest of his career. The news comes just as the BBC announced that they have extended their television coverage of the event through to 2024. All in all, it’s been a good week for ATP 500 event.

Murray Will Play Queens

Andy Murray has had great success at the Queens Club Championships. Having won the tournament five times, it is Murray’s most successful tournament, and he is Queens’ most successful champion. He tops a list of multi-time Queens Club champions that includes the likes of Andy Roddick, Lleyton Hewitt, and John McEnroe.

Queens is one of a relatively small number of grass court tournaments on the tour. This makes it invaluable in terms of preparation for Wimbledon, with little time before the clay of Roland Garros and the grass of the All England Club. Both of Murray’s Wimbledon titles have come in years when he has played and won at Queens.

As per the BBC, Murray was delighted to have made such a commitment.

I’m really happy to know that I will play at Queen’s for as long as my career lasts

Well, I say “delighted”… this is Andy Murray we’re talking about. It’s hard to tell.

BBC Commitment

I doubt there are many reading this who don’t know what the BBC is, but just in case. The BBC, or British Broadcasting Corporation, is a UK public service broadcaster. Being shown on the BBC is a big boost in terms of exposure, as far more casual fans¬†could see the coverage than on a premium sports channel.

The director of BBC Sport, Barbara Slater, had this to say;

It’s great that the BBC will continue to bring it to audiences across all platforms until 2024 …¬†With a British tennis player as the current world number one, there’s no better time for us to reinforce our commitment to the sport.

The Queens Club Championships seems to have gone from strength to strength lately. Undoubtedly not hurt by having a dominant native champion who has spent much of the last decade near the top of the game.

At 29 years old, Murray may not have time to establish an Nadal-in-Barcelona kind of run at Queens. But with five titles to his name so far, and with the only players to notch four titles at Queens all retired, he can certainly set the bar very high.

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