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AdCourtRamble — The Men's Singles Tennis Blog

AdCourtRamble — The Men’s Singles Tennis Blog

AdCourtRamble was born of one man’s obsession with a sport that nobody around him had any interest in. I can occasionally find a friend willing to go for an hour with me on the local public tennis courts. But that willingness doesn’t extend to watching or talking about the sport.

Commenting on tennis news and blogs is one way to fill that conversational void, of course. But you can only say so much in a comment before people get annoyed at your page-eating rambling. And there’s only so much discussion to be had in comments in any case. It is somebody else’s blog, after all.

So one day I decided to put my love of tennis together with ability to rattle off pages of text with ease (working as a copywriter can have that effect on a person) and create my very own blog where I can wax lyrical about anything tennis related that interests me.

What to Expect from AdCourtRamble

The Man Behind AdCourtRamble — John Bullock

The Man Behind AdCourtRamble — John Bullock

Expect talk of any significant events in men’s singles tennis, recent tournaments and results, and general musings on the goings on of my favourite tennis players. On the topic of favourite tennis players, I love them all equally.

But Andy Murray is my favourite.

Though I have nothing against women’s tennis, double’s, wheelchair, or any other variation of the game, my real interest lies in men’s singles tennis. To that end, the site focuses on that aspect of tennis alone, because any attempt by me to cover the other aspects of the game would almost certainly come across as under serving them, so I made the conscious decision to leave those areas to better suited writers. Though I wouldn’t rule out other writers joining me on here to cover these aspects, it’s a bit early for that.

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